Thursday, 1 July 2010

It's a great plant,the clematis, scrambling up the willow fence and over the wall.It was once pink, but has gradually become  a creamy colour. After studying   I like to sit  out in the garden and relax, especially in the evenings when the scent from the clematis is an amazing rich musky scent.
The cats love climbing through the willow fence, up into it's highest reaches, with the living branches bending over and swaying.


  1. Hi, I'm Pat and you left a link to this blog on my FB page. (I have a blog also!)

    What a lovely blog you have- I too live in the UK and love clematis. I have four different ones in my garden.

    I'm a follower now and looking forward to seeing more of your photos and artwork :)

  2. thank you that is very kind of you