Saturday, 10 July 2010

The apple cart

There's a village I drive through on the way to work each day.
There's lots of old buildings, barns, farmhouses and also orchards.
In one orchard in particular, there's a lovely old wooden cart, underneath the apple tree, perfect for catching windfalls.
The village dates back to medieval times, when all the farms worked together as a cooperative. All the villagers helped each other out, with sharing their produce, exchanging harvests, and just generally being a close community.


  1. Lovely photo - will you make a painting of it?

  2. beautiful - just lovely! you capture just right -(sorry -at a loss for words sometimes...:D)

  3. thanks for your comments, i was drawing
    a prodigious amount at one time,
    and was offered a place on an art course to prepare for my masters in fine art, but at the moment i'm applying for funding,
    so hopefully i'll pick that part of me back up,
    and making a painting of the apple cart
    sounds like a good idea to me,
    i might try oils,
    thanks for your comments, makes the blog idea totally worthwhile

  4. fingers tightly crossed you get your funding! xx

    Comments always make me smile when I get them on my blog too :) We're all easily pleased :lol: