Sunday, 20 June 2010

Apple Blossom

Malus domestica, one of the names for the domestic apple, orginated in Central Asia, and is also a member of the rose family.
This particular apple blossom belongs to a tree growing in my garden,
which is about three or four years old. She's blossoms regularly and bares plenty of fruit, which my last hound used to eat from the tree!
I particulary love the scent of Apple Blossom, which when combined with the Cherries  also in bloom smells amazing. The bees also love the blossom and Spring is alive with droning and humming.
The gaelic name for the apple is Quert, the apple tree is one of the commonest to host mistletoe and is known as one of the sacred trees to the Druids.
Just read that 55 million tons of apples grown world wide!! Which is an enormous amount of orchards.

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